May 2, 2022
PRINCESS PEACH FLOATS LONGER in Super Mario 3D World with modded Princess Peach Mario SPEEDRUNNER Peach the FLOATING fast Mario character but all levels make Peach double her floating time every level!! Funny Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury ZXMany Mario modding with fastest Toad highest Luigi Mario character and every level makes you faster but Peach floats longer! Playing all levels in World 3 completing all levels and all bosses + the final boss of World 3 with every level making Peach float longer Speedrunner Toad vs Mario!!

Champion's Road but Peach can float forever - https://youtu.be/bR3tt-ik1MU

Funny Super Mario Switchboard Falls Level - https://youtu.be/5pV1NLvqQiY

What if Mario and Luigi had Minecraft TNT? - https://youtu.be/CR-TTIokTEE

What if every Cat Shine made Mario jump higher in Bowser's Fury? - https://youtu.be/paPMB1-rZ4Q

What if Mario had a FULL WORLD of ALL Castle Levels? (BIGGEST Super Mario 3D World Mod EVER!!) - https://youtu.be/9f3roztAbdU

Can't believe it's been over a year since I started this series! I thought another episode of "Every level doubles Luigi's Jump Height" would be a great addition the series thank you so much for watching :D

#SuperMario #Mario #Peach

Intro/ explanation - 0:00
Snowball Park 2x Peach float longer (World 3-1) - 0:23
Chain-Link Charge 4x Peach float longer (World 3-2) - 1:07
Shifty Boo Mansion 8x Peach float longer (World 3-3) - 3:35
Pretty Plaza Panic 16x Peach float longer (World 3-4) - 7:14
Magikoopa Blockade 32x Peach float longer (World 3-A) - 7:59
Pipeline Lagoon 64x Peach float longer (World 3-5) - 8:25
Mount Must Dash 128x Peach float longer (World 3-6) - 10:09
Switchboard Falls 256x Peach float longer (World 3-7) - 12:21
Bullet Bill Express 512x Peach float longer (World 3-Train) - 14:51
Banquet with Hisstocrat 1024x Peach float longer (World 3-B Boss Fight) - 18:30
Out of Bounds after Hisstocrat Boss Fight - 20:15
Thank you for watching - 20:48
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