Jun 20, 2022
Super Mario 3D World MARIO JUMPS HIGHER EVERY LEVEL (Double Jump Height Mario every level/ all levels in Super Mario 3D World!!) with modded Mario SPEEDRUNNER MARIO the fastest Mario but all levels make Mario double his jump height to go even higher every level!! World Castle All Levels Full playthrough full movie with Mario funny animations and crazy Mario jumping gameplay!! Funny Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury ZXMany Mario modding with fastest Toad Mario character and every level makes you faster! Playing World 6 completing all levels (up to final Castle Level) and the final boss of World Castle (Castle World Castle Boss BOWSER vs Mario final Bowser) with every level making Mario's jump height double to be FASTER Speedrunner Toad vs Mario!!

#Mario #SuperMario #SuperMario3DWorld

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Can't believe it's been over a year since I started this series! I thought another episode of "Every level doubles Toad's speed" would be a great addition the series thank you so much for watching :D

Intro - 0:00
Fort Fire Bros. (World Castle-1) 2x jump higher - 0:07
Switchblack Ruins (World Castle-2) 4x jump higher - 1:23
Red-Hot Run (World Castle-3) 8x jump higher - 3:39
Boiling Blue Bully Belt (World Castle-4) 16x jump higher - 5:15
Prince Bully Blockade is Back (World Castle-B) 64x jump higher - 7:28
Brolder Blockade is Back (World Castle-A) 32x jump higher - 8:21
Fire Bros. Hideout #4 (World Castle-C) 128x jump higher - 9:26
Rammerhed Reef (World Castle-6) 512x jump higher - 10:00
Trick Trap Tower (World Castle-5) 256x jump higher - 13:16
Simmering Lava Lake (World Castle-7) 1024x jump higher - 15:56
Bowser's Lava Lake Keep (World Castle-Castle Boss Level) 2048x jump higher - 17:18
The True Challenge + Secret Ending - 21:57
Thank you for watching - 22:55
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