Jun 8, 2021
What if every level of Super Mario 3D World was a Captain Toad level? Every boss fight every normal level every blockade level and even CHAMPION'S ROAD are being turned into Captain Toad levels in Super Mario 3D World and Captain Toad CAN'T JUMP in Super Mario 3D World!!

Today we play a Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury mod where every level of Super Mario 3D World is made into a Captain Toad level! Some levels are essentially a modded no-jump challenge to make it possible with Captain Toad and it's a really cool custom Mario mod that's hilarious and really creative :D This fantastic mod is actually 2 separate mods one made by MJ Cox and the other made by Mayro! The first few levels that we do are part of MJ Cox's mod and the final level (Champion's Road) is made by Mayro! I had an absolute blast playing through all of these Captain Toad levels this was so creatively designed to deal with the game mechanics of Captain Toad and there were so many great mechanics added!

We play through all of the levels in World 3 that have been modded to be Captain Toad levels so far and also Champion's Road as Captain Toad! :D We also visit the World 2 Castle level which wasn't completed in the previous video when we played this mod last time! In some levels (the blockade levels the castle level mystery house melee and Double Cherry Pass) the mod creator made you play as regular Toad who can't jump instead of Captain Toad! One reason for this is because some power-ups make the game crash if Captain Toad collects them. Also the castle levels apparently crash when you make them into Captain Toad levels. I did a quick model change that replaced Toad's model with Captain Toad to make it look even more like you are actually playing as Captain Toad!


MJ Cox (created all levels in this video except Champion's Road) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5fQ...

Mayro (created Champion's Road) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCumg...


What if every level was a Plessie level? - https://youtu.be/94mCyNA1-Ag

How fast can you make Mario enemies? - https://youtu.be/dqpcDxg1fFg

What if every Cat Shine made Mario jump higher in Bowser's Fury? - https://youtu.be/paPMB1-rZ4Q

Intro/ explanation - 0:00
Snowball Park (World 3-1) - 0:26
TERRIFYING Goomba Skate moment - 1:35
Skating with Captain Toad + 2nd green star - 2:00
Stamp - 2:30
1st + 3rd + 4th green star - 2:55
Chain-Link Charge (World 3-2) - 3:10
1st green star - 3:50
2nd green star - 4:10
Stamp - 4:30
3rd green star - 4:45
4th green star - 5:20
Shifty Boo Mansion (World 3-3) - 5:30
1st green star - 5:55
Stamp - 6:20
2nd green star - 6:52
3rd green star? - 9:05
4th green star - 10:30
The realization - 10:50
New custom Captain Toad level - 11:20
Pretty Plaza Panic (World 3-4) - 13:09
Cloud bonus area + star power-up Captain Toad - 14:10
Magikoopa Blockade (World 3-A) - 14:48
Pipeline Lagoon (World 3-5) - 15:38
Funny Mario pipe exploration - 16:35
1st green star - 17:35
2nd green star - 18:33
Mount Must Dash (World 3-6) - 19:15
Switchboard Falls (World 3-7) - 20:10
A very hard jump for no reward - 21:40
2nd green star - 23:00
3rd green star + stamp - 23:42
The Bullet Bill Express (World 3-Train) - 24:59
Captain Toad rescues Captain Toad - 26:20
Pom Pom Boss fight - 26:52
New infinite lives glitch? - 28:10
Captain Toad with 2 BACKPACKS - 28:37
A Banquet with Hisstocrat (World 3-B) - 29:09
Bowser's Bullet Bill Brigade (World 2-Tank) - 30:50
Floating wood + green star - 31:55
Boom Boom Boss fight - 32:30
Weird warp to Captain Toad area - 33:00
Defeating Boom Boom Boss fight - 33:49
Champion's Road as Captain Toad (Champion's Toad) - 35:39
Shining light in the Chargin' Chuck's face - 37:00
Champion's Road Beep Block section - 37:15
Magikoopa section - 38:46
Spike bars and fuzzies section - 39:30
Piranha Creepers and Ant Troopers section - 40:20
Dash panels section - 40:44
Clear pipes "Thank you!" section - 42:06
Final room of Champion's Road - 42:23
Big thank you to mj Cox and Mayro! - 42:53

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