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Jun 13, 2021
Super Mario Maker 2 added a ton of new features to the original Mario Maker from the Wii U. Out of all of them the biggest new feature was probably the addition of brand new level themes being the sky forest desert and snow. On top of that though Nintendo added in the ability to turn all of those themes along with the original 6 themes ground underground underwater ghost house airship and castle into night time variations. Each night time theme in super Mario maker 2 has a unique gimmick whether it be low gravity poison or whatever else. These allow you to make many unique scenarios like boss fights speedrun levels kaizo levels and more. In todays video I'll be giving you all some tips tricks and ideas as to how to use all the night time theme's in super Mario maker 2!

0:00 Intro
1:01 Ground
9:35 Sky
13:14 Underground
14:37 Forest
16:24 Underwater & Ghost House
18:23 Desert
21:57 Airship
24:58 Snow
26:31 Castle
27:57 Outro

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