Dec 13, 2021
I made a funny Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury troll level to "Thank" my Mario modding friend for some mods that they've made and today we play the funny Super Mario 3D World troll mod that they made in response that got REVENGE on me!! Here's the original level that I made for just_eh_cupcake: https://youtu.be/hoT00qZ49-k

Huge thank you to just_eh_cupcake for making this level! You can check out his playthrough of my troll level here: https://youtu.be/UNEjZAZVEFU And here's the troll level that I made from my perspective! https://youtu.be/hoT00qZ49-k


I made the biggest TROLL Green Star mod in Super Mario 3D World! (Super Mario 3D World Troll level) - https://youtu.be/ZsCkC1I_-Mo

"Super Troll Hill" - Mario's FUNNIEST Troll Level YET!! [funny Super Mario 3D World troll level mod] - https://youtu.be/2QzeO5lugms

1 min vs 10 mins vs 1 hour "Make a Super Mario level" challenge [Super Mario 3D World mod by ZXMany] - https://youtu.be/ZZrKnBj6qdI

Intro - 0:00
Mario in Super Bell Hill and Meowser - 0:09
Mario Troll door - 2:05
Bright area + goal pole - 2:30
Trick Trap Tower Area with Meowser - 2:55
Bullet Bill Area + Kaizo Mario Crazy Jump - 4:33
Mario Troll Pipes Area with Mini Mount Beanpole and Troll Green Stars - 6:47
Many Mario buttons troll section - 7:59
Warp blocks section - 9:03
Mini Mount Beanpole and Warp Block Mario Trolls - 10:12
Plessie and Switch Scramble Circus Mario Troll - 11:49
Important Mario Warp Box I hope - 13:05
Mario Troll Mystery Doors - 15:04
"This is definitely fake" - 16:10
Mario Goomba Section - 17:19
Mario Luigi Switches and Death Areas - 19:50
Thank you for watching - 20:35
Outro - 20:46

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