Jul 29, 2022
Today I wanted to talk about a theory I had about who I thought Edge's and Rabbid Rosalina's true identities and origins were. I also briefly mention how I think the Sparks were made as well. I hope you enjoy the video!

Here is the Link to Bandit's original video about Sparks of Hope. https://youtu.be/IGhm91s_D6A

00:00 Edge and Rosalina Theory Intro
00:33 Video Truly Begins
01:41 The Identities of Edge and Rabbid Rosalina
02:06 Evidence and Speculation
03:32 Cursa and Rosalina as One?
05:31 How did Rosalina Become Corrupted?
06:32 How the Sparks Were Made
06:54 How Edge and Rabbid Rosalina Were Made
07:32 Rabbid Rosalina's Evidence
08:54 Edge's Evidence
10:16 Outro

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