Aug 6, 2022
Super Mario XL Funny Mario Mod by ZXMany!! Super Mario 3D World with modded Mario SPEEDRUNNER MARIO gets SLOWER and BIGGER EVERY LEVEL all Green Stars make Mario slower!! Super Mario facing all bosses in every level in World 1 with SLOW MARIO!! Fast Mario character but all levels make Mario slower in Super Mario XL mod by ZXMany in Super Mario 3D World!! Funny Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury ZXMany Mario modding with fastest Toad Mario character vs slowest Mario and every level makes you slower! Playing World 1 completing levels and the final boss of World 1 with every level making Mario's speed SLOWER vs Speedrunner Mario vs Bowser boss fight!! (Mario and Luigi brother help Mario XL big Mario!)

It's actually mind-blowing that I've been making videos on this series for over a year now I'm glad that so many people have enjoyed "Every level makes Mario faster/ slower/ jump higher/ etc" I never expected so many people to watch my videos!! I loved the idea of Sonic XL (I saw Blue Television Games play that mod) so I really wanted to make my version of that mod in games that I make mods for so here we are!

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This is a remake of a video I originally made this video about a year ago here's the original version of this mod! "What if every level decreased Mario's jump height in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury?" - https://youtu.be/JfoVw5RSYFE

#Mario #SuperMario #SuperMario3DWorld

Super Mario XL Intro - 0:00
Mario XL Super Bell Hill - 0:06
Mario XL Size 1 - 0:21
Mario XL Size 2 (Koopa Troopa Cave) - 1:12
Mario XL Size 3 (Mount Beanpole) - 3:02
How to Make Mario mods - 4:43
XL Mario vs Piranha Plant Boss - 5:42
Mario XL Size 4 (Plessie's Plunging Falls) - 6:27
Mario XL Size 5 (Mario vs Bowser Bowser's Highway Showdown) - 8:27
Thank you for watching! - 13:14
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