Premiered Aug 6, 2022
Mario decides to adventure inside E Gadd's computer world exploring different lands unknown to the Mushroom Kingdom!.. Though the Otherworld is back specifically Codename. Looking to take revenge he takes MX Syobon Mr. L and Cherry as team members and seeks the destruction of all creation. Mario with the occasional help from his friends has to attempt to stop all the havoc and chaos before it begins but something isn't right. Will you find out in this compilation of the BAD ENDING of Super Mario: Beyond The Bounds?

Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed just a little more Beyond The Bounds-ness even if I had to prank you to get it haha. It's mostly dialogue but I think this serves as a good bad ending seeing what their full potential is or.. well what could be or what should be considering Codename isn't so merciful here. Very tired it's 3AM wouldn't you believe it? Can't believe I'm up this late just to give you guys a compilation but technically more content. Anyways aside from the main subject; SMSC 12 is next! Hope to see you there soon let's just say Bean Tag Team fans are gonna be happy :] Have a wonderful day everybody! :)

0:00 Warning
0:06 Intro
0:17 Mario's Syobon Action 2 Calamity
5:44 Mario & The Great Chase
9:38 Mario & The Third Party
14:40 Mario's Prison Escape
18:09 Reality Overruled [NEW]
23:31 Credits
24:51 A Special Guest!

Music and Sprite credits (should) be in the credits :)

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