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Jan 30, 2022
Super Luigi Odyssey - Today I modded Super Luigi Odyssey so that when Luigi Collects a Power Moon his Running Speed doubles (his runs faster)! Will Luigi be able to beat 3 kingdoms? Hope you enjoy this modded Challenge!
This jump mod was made by me :)
Let me know if you want to see more Super Luigi Odyssey videos for the Nintendo Switch!

Super Luigi Odyssey: The Full Game -
More Super Mario Odyssey videos:

0:00 Intro
0:12 Ice Age Island (Lost Kingdom)
4:52 Muted City (New Donk City)
14:35 Bowser's Magma Moat (Seaside Kingdom)

This game is a combination of these mods:
Super Luigi Odyssey:
Super Mario Odyssey (The Lost Kingdoms):
Super Luigi Odyssey Physics:
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