GM Animation

Jan 25, 2022
Sonic Tails vs the Giant Zombie Amy Rose Maze - Game Animation
#mario #sonic #mariohot #mariocold #Pixnail #SuperMarioMaze #MarioIceandFire #pacmanparody #mazemayhem #mazesupersonic #sonicmaze #sonicthehedgehog
in an apocalyptic worldSonic will face the giant zombie Amy Rosy Will he survive?
Music by HeatleyBros
"Music: 8 Bit World By HeatleyBros -"
"Music: 8 Bit Summer By HeatleyBros -"
"Music: 8 Bit Love By HeatleyBros -"

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Writer:Brett Heatley ASCAP
Publisher:Heatley Music Publishing ASCAP
Label:Heatley Music Publishing
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