Feb 3, 2022
An instructional guide showing how to complete all castle + tower levels with 2 players for New Super Mario Bros U on Nintendo Switch. (1080p 60fps)

This channel features highly instructional walkthroughs video guides and other transformative videos. All content on my channel is recorded & edited solely by me and includes my own creative input in the form of highly skilled & meticulously edited gameplay to ensure full adherence to the YouTube partner program guidelines. My videos are intended to be educational in order to assist others in furthering their own in-game progression.

0:00:00 Acorn Plains-Tower: Crushing-Cogs Tower
0:03:27 Acorn Plains-Castle: Lemmy's Swingback Castle
0:07:03 Layer-Cake Desert-Tower: Stoneslide Tower
0:12:26 Layer-Cake Desert-Castle: Morton's Compactor Castle
0:17:49 Sparkling Waters-Tower: Giant Spike Pillar Tower
0:21:42 Sparkling Waters-Castle: Larry's Torpedo Castle
0:26:29 Frosted Glacier-Tower: Freezing-Rain Tower
0:30:56 Frosted Glacier-Castle: Wendy's Shifting Castle
0:35:45 Soda Jungle-Tower: Snake Block Tower
0:39:01 Soda Jungle-Castle: Iggy's Volcanic Castle
0:43:42 Rock-Candy Mines-Tower: Grinding-Stone Tower
0:46:55 Rock-Candy Mines-Tower: Screwtop Tower
0:51:48 Rock-Candy Mines-Castle: Roy's Conveyor Castle
0:57:41 Meringue Clouds-Tower: Slide Lift Tower
1:02:57 Meringue Clouds-Castle: Ludwig's Clockwork Castle
1:08:17 Peach's Castle-Castle: The Final Battle

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