Apr 21, 2017
A playthrough of the Boss Rush Challenge in Mario Party 9 for Nintendo Wii. (1080p & 60fps) Enjoy & thanks for watching! Please activate the full description for time stamps.

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00:00 All Characters
01:05 Lakitu Boss Fight (Sock it to Lakitu)
02:24 Wiggler Boss Fight (Wiggler Bounce)
03:46 Whomp Boss Fight (Whomp Stomp)
06:45 King Bob-omb Boss Fight (Bobard King Bob-omb)
10:35 Dry Bones Boss Fight (Deck Dry Bones)
12:35 King Boo Boss Fight (King Boo's Puzzle Attack)
14:05 Cheep Cheep Boss Fight (Cheep Cheep Shot)
15:55 Blooper Boss Fight (Blooper Barrage)
17:25 Spike Boss Fight (Spike Strike)
19:20 Chain Chomp Boss Fight (Chain Chomp Romp)
22:10 Bowser Jr. Boss Fight (Bowser Jr. Breakdown)
26:30 Bowser Boss Fight (Bowser's Block Battle)
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