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Mar 15, 2022
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It’s just the perfect combination of the two things we love most – Gaming and Building. And like with the Beat Building videos we’ve made before building these LEGO Nintendo Sets sure came with its own challenges.

When Nintendo and LEGO announced their collaboration for the NES set I knew then that it would fit right in our growing Beat Building folio. It’s simply made for the channel! However I soon found out why our parents hardly bought us LEGOs before. To say the least these bricks are not cheap at all. And as of this writing the LEGO NES is the most expensive thing I have built so far. But then I just thought how can it not be? It’s combining our two primary hobbies: building kits and video games both of which are pricey in their own right.

And so in August 2020 (yes even before building Unicorn) despite it being planned for a 2021 shoot I immediately bought one as soon as it became available in PH.

I had the assumption that building LEGOs are more straightforward and easier than building Plamos and for the most part it is. But being easier to build doesn’t mean being easier to make a video of as well. As a matter of fact the LEGOs’ straightforwardness even contributed to the project’s difficulty.

As I found out the sounds and actions one produces in building LEGOs are pretty uniform. One literally just has to put things together. Over time this uniformity this lack of variety can become too monotonous making for a potentially boring watching experience. Compared that to Plamos where one has to cut clean wet sand and only then snap pieces together–lots of opportunities to break the monotony.

To address this I tried making the shots more interesting. For example I tried changing the orientation of some parts I was building so they seem suspended when zoomed out.

This particular set was also a tad too big as a whole. Heck even the box barely fit the width of my table. I also suspected (correctly) that the partially-assembled set won’t fit within the area of my mat at least together.

So I separated the two main parts of the set–the Console and the TV–and made the Build video a 2-part series. A part of me was nervous about this; it’s the first time I’ve done what is effectively a simultaneous release of two different build videos. But I was also intrigued by the idea–it kinda reminds me of Pokemon being released in two versions. This gave me an opportunity to try out a similar format.

And if the TV part and the Console part are the two Pokemon versions I guess this stitched-up upload could be a Double Pack haha. Some of you may just want to watch all three of them in one go hence this upload. It’s not perfect but I tried to edit them so that they could seem like they’re just one big build video :D

All-in-all it took 54 hours worth of footage to cover the whole building process. Editing usually takes around twice as long as my footage ~110 hours in this case. It was a pretty straightforward process but some parts did require more attention like let’s say some easter eggs ;) hehe

So that’s about it! I’m so glad to have the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System as one of the first brick sets I built for this channel. I got so many insights from building a LEGO set. Here’s to applying my learnings from LEGOs to when I build Gunplas again haha!

Thank you so much for reading the story behind the project!
0:00 Intro (Console)
0:22 Top Cover
0:29 Game Pak
0:37 Side Cover
0:46 Flap
0:58 Controller
1:17 Console Base
1:38 Tray
2:21 Front Side
2:43 Ports
3:00 Stripes
3:23 World 1-2
3:55 Assemble (Console)
4:05 Mario Starter Course
5:05 Intro (TV)
5:13 Sprite
5:15 Rack
5:28 Speaker
5:39 Base
6:02 Sprockets
6:09 Treads
6:16 Chassis
6:43 Top
6:49 Plate A
6:57 Axles
7:13 Shell
7:24 Bricks
7:30 Housing
7:51 Plate B
8:06 Track
8:12 Front Panel
8:47 World 1-1
9:09 Merienda
9:20 Assemble (TV)
9:44 The Complete Set
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