Premiered Dec 21, 2019
Kirby's Return to Dream Land is a game that helped shape the Kirby series into what it is today. In this behemoth of a video you'll see how chock-full it is of references to past Kirby games marvel at some cool easter eggs and learn interesting trivia that you might not have known about before!

This is my first long scripted video so forgive any inconsistencies you might hear throughout! Like I mention this video was made over the course of two years so there's bound to be some hiccups here and there. If you have any discoveries of your own that I didn't mention in this video please share them in the comments section!

Table of Contents:
0:00 - Introduction
1:18 - Before Levels
5:02 - Cookie Country
10:47 - Animations
13:22 - Raisin Ruins
15:03 - Onion Ocean
16:29 - Enemies
17:47 - White Wafers
19:12 - Nutty Noon
26:32 - Beta Elements
34:03 - Halcandra & Egg Engines
40:56 - Kirby GCN Elements
47:19 - Dangerous Dinner
50:01 - Another Dimension
52:03 - Magolor
57:29 - Other Stuff
1:06:53 - The True Arena
1:10:22 - Copy Abilities & Multiplayer
1:21:47 - Conclusion

Special Thanks:
DS game footage: Ultizeta
Info about Kirby GCN: Niment More info here:
20th Anniversary Encyclopedia scans: Meteorz
Miscellaneous info: Kirby Wiki
Info about cut content: The Cutting Room Floor
E3 demo footage: GameXplain Full video here:
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