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Rupert - 19 February 09:08

Also it's important we include an A for asexual. Don't presume an A entitled non self defining friends to enter a space.

Buckhannon - 9 May 07:42


Margeret - 30 October 15:14

Love to put more that a finger or toy in her pussy

Defayette - 7 May 18:54

I will eat that pussy all nite

Skolnik - 26 October 15:16

… enjoy she can doing two :)

Beahan - 26 February 21:09

There's nothing wrong with that

Bibi - 16 May 21:49

My grandfather told me, If you only learn to pleasure a woman with your penis, then you have missed the whole point of being there! In my youth I thought he was speaking of also eating pussy. As I have have grown mature I realised what he meant when he told me that. He was speaking of the simple pleasures of enjoying a woman's company, mind, body and spirit! Thanks Gramps!

Lingren - 24 February 23:07

Прекрасная дама.