Jun 22, 2022
FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN' vs Yoshi and vs LUIGI (Luigi's Mansion theme FNF music) Mario Rebooted community mod Friday Night Funkin' games mod full week playthrough BF vs Mario Luigi Tails (Luigi is like TAILS from Sonic with Mario and Luigi Tails Sonic friends!)!! Amazing Mario Friday Night Funkin' Music using Mario songs Mario 64 Super Mario World and more!! There are funny Mario mods funny retro Mario mods girlfriend/ GF is kidnapped and Peach is kidnapped by Bowser! Can Mario and BF save GF?

What if Mario and Luigi had Minecraft TNT? - https://youtu.be/CR-TTIokTEE

Super Mario Party ALL MINIGAMES!! (Mario Yoshi Luigi Peach) - https://youtu.be/OdITGDlRC4Y

What if Super Mario had Custom Goombas? - https://youtu.be/2rFUJlhoRPo

#FridayNightFunkin #FNF #Mario

Intro Friday Night Funkin' vs Yoshi AND vs Luigi (FULL WEEKS) - 0:00
Opening Cutscenes - 0:06
Friday Night Funkin' vs Luigi (Luigi's Mansion Theme FNF) - 0:59
Yoshi Cutscenes - 2:40
Friday Night Funkin' vs Yoshi (Song 1) - 3:43
Yoshi Cutscene + Elmo - 5:26
Friday Night Funkin' vs Yoshi (Song 2) - 6:02
Final Yoshi Cutscene + Elmo - 7:37
Friday Night Funkin' vs Yoshi (Song 3) - 8:08
Thank You for Watching - 10:39
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