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Jun 22, 2022
Busan the seaside city of South Korea that we love the most | VLOG​
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• South Korea is not only Seoul.
Another city that we really like.
Like it more than Seoul that's the city.
It's called Busan the southern city.
Adjacent to the sea but the atmosphere is very good.
And there are beautiful places to visit and culture that is
Unique and delicious food
This is an opportunity that everyone wants.
Get to know here and if you go to South Korea
I would recommend you to enter Busan.
included in the travel program

Including this trip we will try to use a drone.
The newest DJI Mini 3 Pro
A drone capable of taking vertical photos and videos.
Small but divine specs easy to carry let's see how much it can do.

0:00 open list
0:27 Why did you come to Busan?
1:11 DAY 1
2:07 Gwangalli Beach
3:02 Getting to know Busan
5:01 Take a walk on the beach
10:08 DAY 2
11:20 Gamcheon Culture Village
12:23 Little Museum
17:33 Haedong Yonggungsa Temple
20:37 HaeundaeBlueline Park
22:09 Cheongsapo Lighthouse
22:55 Haeundae Beach
25:11 Gwangalli Beach
25:33 DAY 3
25:36 HaeundaeBlueline Park
29:29 Seoul
33:34 Trip Summary + Closing List
Producer : Bas
Creative : Patt Boss
Edit : inumsqr
Motion graphics : Oat
Video : Bass
Script writer : Earth
Graphic : Beau
Camera Gear
- DJI mini 3 Pro
-Sony A74
- DJI Osmo Pocket 2
Background Music

Rejoice In The Morning - The David Roy Collective.mp3
Like A Song Instrumental Version - Anthony Lazaro.mp3
Hot Chocolate - Aves.mp3
Overload (Feat. Foryu) - 92Elm.mp3
Hung Up - Wesly Thomas.mp3
Superwoman - Juju B. Goode.mp3
Weekend Getaway - Montythehokage.mp3
Honestly (Feat. Ashley Alisha) - Henry Young.mp3
Sneakers - Aves.mp3
Blurry - Curtis Cole.mp3
Brazil Chill - Hanjo Gabler.mp3
Open Our Hearts Instrumental Version - Richard Farrell.mp3
Honestly No Lead Vocals - Henry Young.mp3
Like A Song Instrumental Version - Anthony Lazaro.mp3
Weekend Getaway Instrumental Version - Montythehokage.mp3
Sunset Bossa Nova - Juju B. Goode.mp3
Back In Time - Balloonplanet.mp3

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