Dec 30, 2021
Playing as GIANT BOWSER in Mario Party (Bowser Party) ALL MINIGAMES vs Mario Luigi Yoshi Toad Peach Rosalina Wario Waluigi and Donkey Kong in Mario Party 10 Bowser Minigames! CRAZY Giant Bowser is very intense in the Bowser Battle vs Mario Luigi Yoshi and Toad in Mario Party 10 playthrough (BOWSER CHALLENGE Playing as Bowser in Bowser Battle Minigames)! Amazing Mario Party 10 Minigames vs Bowser in this Bowser Battle with Bowser vs Mario Luigi Yoshi and Toad!! Can All Characters in Mario Party make it to the end in this Bowser eliminating Super Mario battle or will Bowser win? Can they survive in the hearts battles and Bowser Jr minigames?

This challenge was so much fun! I have to try to get a high score!! YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: Mario Party Superstars ALL MINIGAMES: https://youtu.be/FbrqhTpmM_Q

COIN BATTLE Mario Party Superstars (Max Rounds): https://youtu.be/Db3GWohzJ04

Mario Party Superstars Mods FULL PLAYLIST - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyrY9...

#MarioParty #MarioParty10 #MarioPartySuperstars

BOWSER CHALLENGE (Mario Party playing as Bowser!!) Mario Party 10 ALL Bowser Minigames! Intro - 0:00
BOWSER CHALLENGE (Mario Party playing as Bowser!!) Mario Party 10 ALL Bowser Minigames! - 0:09
Thank you for watching - 13:01
Outro - 13:06



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