May 16, 2022
Super Mario Odyssey FLOOR IS LAVA MOD Crazy Super Mario Bros mod for Super Mario Odyssey ZXMany Mario Odyssey Playthrough but the FLOOR is LAVA Best Kingdom Mario Odyssey! Super Mario Odyssey BUT THE FLOOR IS LAVA! THIS FLOOR IS LAVA MOD FOR Super Mario Odyssey IS INSANE! Here's Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch but modded so that the floor is ALL LAVA! This difficult challenge mod of Super Mario Odyssey is so funny with Mario having lava floor as Mario and Cappy face off against all bosses in Super Mario Odyssey!!

Super Mario takes on All Bosses Floor is Lava in Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch but the floor is lava in this Super Mario Odyssey mod! Funny speedrunner Mario better be quick with Cappy with this rising lava floor against all bosses all kingdoms Mario Odyssey! (Lake Kingdom)

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Super Mario Odyssey Floor is Lava Mod created by CraftyBoss! Huge thank you for this fantastic mod 🙏 Check out CraftyBoss' channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP9r...

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