Feb 20, 2022
SUPER MARIO PARTY losing Minigames and being the worst teammate on purpose in King Bob-omb Level PARTNER PARTY MODE!! Super Mario Party MINIGAMES (King Bob-omb Level) AMAZING Mario Party MINIGAMES Partner Party mode with Mario vs Luigi and Peach with Boo loses minigames on purpose!

Team Mario and Boo with many Mario Party allies all characters in Mario Party and Mario Party Superstars and more characters in Super Mario Party with Peach Luigi Dry Bones Wario Bowser Waluigi Yoshi and more!!

Mario: We're going to win!

Boo: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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#MarioParty #Mario #SuperMarioParty

Being the Worst Teammate on Purpose in Super Mario Party Intro - 0:00
Being the Worst Teammate on Purpose in Super Mario Party - 0:19
Thank you for watching - 51:15
Outro - 51:25



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